Speaking of Speakers

I pulled the Vintage 30 from my Blues Jr. This had replaced the stock Fender speaker of unknown origin.

When I was looking for a new speaker I was trying to find an American voiced speaker like the Eminence Maverick that I purchased for my Fender Tweed. This had briefly occupied the Blues Jr cab and sounded great. Only problem was that it didn’t fit and pushed the tubes out.

They were so loose that one of them actually fell out when I hit a low E.

The reason it didn’t fit was the FDM mechanism in the Maverick that attenuated the speaker. This added about 2 inches or so to the depth of the speaker.

Anyway after playing samples at the assorted speaker company web sites it became clear that I couldn’t find a speaker that had the same response as the Maverick without the mechanism.

Turns out you can have Eminence just make whatever speaker you want. And without the mechanism it is pretty cheap. At least compared to the regular adjustable speaker.

Es nice. Fits the Blues Jr’s American voicing better than the Vintage 30. Sounds far better than the stock speaker.



Vintage 30 in a Code 50


The speaker in the code 50 is a 4 ohm speaker of unknown origin. I had a 16 ohm Vintage 30 in a box. That’s kinda 2 steps in resistance. But since the amp is solid state and not tube I figured what the hell and put it in.

I recommend this modification. Just turn off the cab simulation and run with the speaker.

Sounds great.

Some concern this is bad for the amp. I wish I had an 8ohm speaker laying around but I don’t. And if I did it would probably be an American voiced speaker and not a British voiced one.

Might pick up a Weber speaker at some point. I think I can even get a 4 ohm Weber. But not inclined to spend much more on this.

Shockingly iffy construction inside the amp. I expected things to be enclosed and not tacked about the interior of the amp. I guess that’s how you get a Marshall of any sort at the price of this thing.


Code 50 Thoughts

The JTM45 and DSL amp models sound best. Turn the presence down. Can easily become piercing. When you hit the sweet spot it is really quite nice.

Way way too loud. Not much control with the volume because of that. Bouncing between 2 and 3. If you want the amps to sound their best you have to have the gain and volume turned up a bit so you cant moderate the volume that way.

Foot pedal works. Because it is hooked up through a single wire it is pretty limited. Wish it would let you kick off tuning.

Was cheap. Is nice enough. Firmware update helped. Still buggy. Too loud for my purposes. (Not its fault.)

Going to put in a new speaker since I have one around.


New Amp

Yeah, bought another one...

Bought a Marshall Code 50 amp. This is a modelling amp from Marshall. Sounds good. Low end can be a little floppy but it definitely sounds like a Marshall.

Biggest issues.

  • Android app is buggy.
  • Amp likes to mute if you poke it too much.
  • USB works on SOME computers.

Was cheap. Has a long warranty. Reverb sounds great on it.




Spending about as much on 9 million clamps as all the rest of the workshop combined.

Workshop I


Bought a Stanley smoothing plane

What I’ve learned from using a hand plane (Stanley No. 4):

1. Don’t buy tools from Rockler.
2. If you think you want to buy from Rockler be sure to price check before you do.
3. Holy hell this thing is hard work.
4. I can’t get things level along more than one plane.
5. Think even the cheapest jointer would do a better job.
6. When that tabletop with the poorly hand planed joints overwhelms the multitude of clamps holding it, it will explode into the rafters.
7. Nothing, really.



After fucking with the Windows built in backup stuff again and being hosed by Seagate’s backup for their external drive I have again gone back to SyncBackFree from 2BrightSparks.com.

Why? Because it

  • works.
  • has a ton of clear options.
  • reports what it could do and couldn’t do.
  • doesn’t get its undies in a bunch until the end of time when something goes wrong.
  • doesn’t clog your boot drive with backup dross like some software. *
  • works.

Get it, it’s free.

Oh and for online backups I still like BackBlaze.

[*] – Seriously, what good is backing up your C: drive to a 4TB volume if it keeps temporary files on your C: drive? The biggest folder on that drive was the Seagate temp files.