I’m not an expert.

Working on this.

It isn’t going great. Everything about it is just a little off.

  • Truss rod adjustment access is a bit off.
  • Truss rod averages centered but not at the ends.
  • There is some excessive routing in about 3 spots.
  • The marker dots are almost in a line.
  • Two of the dots are held together with super glue.
  • The fretboard is slightly higher on one side.
  • Some of the fret slots are not deep enough yet.

I was working on the fret slots while waiting for the glue on my sanding jig to dry, so I can fix the fretboard unevenness, when I noticed this:

Now I’m no expert but I think the frets should get closer together as they get closer to the heel of the neck. There is clearly one out of place.


This was supposed to be a learning experience. It has been that. I’m still going to finish it. Just use 18 of the frets.

I have plans to fix just about all of these issues. Most of them involve more careful alignment before routing anything.

I think I might capitulate on the frets and just spend the (ridiculous amount of) money and get a better fret slotting jig.

This was close enough that I’m convinced I can do this correctly.

Next attempt will likely be after the CNC is built. Thinking ambrosia flame maple fretboard on a multicolor laminate neck.


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