Still waiting

Still waiting on the bridge.

I’ve ordered many a thing from China since and they’ve all arrived pretty quickly. No the bridge, tho.

Can never tell when ebaying from China. I’ve gotten things in two days and in two months.



Sparkle sparkle

After the glitter coat dried this looked pretty good. Added 2 coats of clear. I think I need to add a couple more. (The glitter coat was rough.)

Note that the uneven areas are mostly gone.

the back side is really sparkly.





Added a glitter clear coat. This is a clear lacquer that should work with the Dupli-color paint I’ve been using. So this should be the start of the clear coats.

What I can’t figure out is why some spots are dark and some are not. I don’t know if they are over sprayed or under sprayed compared to the light spots. Biggest issue with the Montana Glitter is the lack of a fan pattern nozzle. Hard to get it even.

I think it is what it is at this point.

This is what it is:

I kind of wonder if it is just the distribution of the glitter reflecting the light.

Onward and upwards.


Cheap Telecaster Guitar Painting

I’ve sanded the body and filled it.

I’m using car paints for this part.

If the blue looks like a 60’s GTO there is a reason for that. Hopefully under a deep gloss it will look great. Not real sure at the moment.

Start with a couple coats of primer.

Once dry I checked it out. There are a couple marks from the triangle thingies I used to prop it up. Not enough to stop me, however. On with the blue.

Tomorrow I’ll sand any sections that need it and, hopefully, give it another light coat. If I have to sand too much I’ll have to hit it with a thicker coat just to give it an even finish.

Still trying to sort out the gloss.  The way I see it I have a few options:

  1. Duplicolor acrylic clear.
  2. Minwax Polycrylic
  3. Pre-cat water based poly

The first two are spray cans. I know how to use a spray  can.  The last one requires I learn to use my sprayer.  I think the price is in increasing increments, too. Get a lot more of the last, tho.

Be a few days before I start that process.


Building a telecaster


I decided to build a telecaster. Instead of just buying one from Guitar Fetish I decided to build one using cheap parts.

The body is a GFS XGP poplar body.

The bridge is on a boat from china. It is a Wilkinson licensed tray type with brass saddles.

The neck is a GFS XGP telecaster neck in vintage amber.

Dragonfire (who?) pickups. Extremely cheap and decent reviews. Pickups are second in importance to the neck. Why go cheap? If it all works out I’ll buy good ones.

This neat, but almost certainly insanely cheap set of electronics. Quality wise. It was certainly insanely cheap price wise.

Pickguard is kinda nice.

First step is sanding and painting the body.


Speaking of Speakers

I pulled the Vintage 30 from my Blues Jr. This had replaced the stock Fender speaker of unknown origin.

When I was looking for a new speaker I was trying to find an American voiced speaker like the Eminence Maverick that I purchased for my Fender Tweed. This had briefly occupied the Blues Jr cab and sounded great. Only problem was that it didn’t fit and pushed the tubes out.

They were so loose that one of them actually fell out when I hit a low E.

The reason it didn’t fit was the FDM mechanism in the Maverick that attenuated the speaker. This added about 2 inches or so to the depth of the speaker.

Anyway after playing samples at the assorted speaker company web sites it became clear that I couldn’t find a speaker that had the same response as the Maverick without the mechanism.

Turns out you can have Eminence just make whatever speaker you want. And without the mechanism it is pretty cheap. At least compared to the regular adjustable speaker.

Es nice. Fits the Blues Jr’s American voicing better than the Vintage 30. Sounds far better than the stock speaker.



Vintage 30 in a Code 50


The speaker in the code 50 is a 4 ohm speaker of unknown origin. I had a 16 ohm Vintage 30 in a box. That’s kinda 2 steps in resistance. But since the amp is solid state and not tube I figured what the hell and put it in.

I recommend this modification. Just turn off the cab simulation and run with the speaker.

Sounds great.

Some concern this is bad for the amp. I wish I had an 8ohm speaker laying around but I don’t. And if I did it would probably be an American voiced speaker and not a British voiced one.

Might pick up a Weber speaker at some point. I think I can even get a 4 ohm Weber. But not inclined to spend much more on this.

Shockingly iffy construction inside the amp. I expected things to be enclosed and not tacked about the interior of the amp. I guess that’s how you get a Marshall of any sort at the price of this thing.