Bought a Stanley smoothing plane

What I’ve learned from using a hand plane (Stanley No. 4):

1. Don’t buy tools from Rockler.
2. If you think you want to buy from Rockler be sure to price check before you do.
3. Holy hell this thing is hard work.
4. I can’t get things level along more than one plane.
5. Think even the cheapest jointer would do a better job.
6. When that tabletop with the poorly hand planed joints overwhelms the multitude of clamps holding it, it will explode into the rafters.
7. Nothing, really.



After fucking with the Windows built in backup stuff again and being hosed by Seagate’s backup for their external drive I have again gone back to SyncBackFree from

Why? Because it

  • works.
  • has a ton of clear options.
  • reports what it could do and couldn’t do.
  • doesn’t get its undies in a bunch until the end of time when something goes wrong.
  • doesn’t clog your boot drive with backup dross like some software. *
  • works.

Get it, it’s free.

Oh and for online backups I still like BackBlaze.

[*] – Seriously, what good is backing up your C: drive to a 4TB volume if it keeps temporary files on your C: drive? The biggest folder on that drive was the Seagate temp files.



This works pretty well. A few things to be fixed.  I need to block off the area around the saw and try to collect the saw dust.  It seems 50-50 on how much goes out the dust collector and how much blasts out all sides.  I’ll put plastic or hardboard around the sides and hopefully the dust will fall underneath where I can vacuum it at my leisure.

The other issue is that I need some slots cut in the benchtop so that I can move the fence all the way to the left.  I might be able to just chop away half the plywood provided I can figure out how to chisel upside down.


Speaking of chiseling.  I really want a set of Narex chisels.

Narex chisels. Made in Czech Republic

They aren’t the greatest but they are way better than my orange handle Stanleys.  This set of 8 is about $100.  I could also get a set of 5 Stanley Baileys for like $60.


I had a dream last night

My leg had come off and I’m standing in the doctor’s office and he explains that they couldn’t reattach it so they made jerky out of it. He gives me one big piece of leg shaped jerky.

I snack on the leg for hours. The joints are not edible but the rest is okay. I suddenly realize that I could get kuru from this and throw the rest in the trash.

I have got to stop eating before I go to bed.


New Streamer

My Marantz is a nice receiver but its DLNA function is iffy.  It likes to crash.  A lot.  And once it does you have to yank the power cord to get it back.  PITA when you’re trying to chill to some music.

So I decided to make a DLNA renderer with a Raspberry Pi.

My initial plan was to use an original Raspberry Pi with my HRT Music Streamer II.  This was fine except for the “tick” at the start of every song and some power issues as the HRT is kinda power hungry.

So I threw out the cheap solution (I had all the parts) and went with a Raspberry Pi 2 and a HiFi Berry DAC+.

Raspberry Pi 2 with Hi Fi Berry DAC+

The software is Volumio with Spotify enabled.  The DLNA server is JRiver Media Center on my main PC in my office.  The DLNA controller is BubbleUPnP on my Android phone.

The net of all this is that my DLNA server coughs up flac files that Volumio consumes directly.  I control it all with my phone.

The sound is quite good.  No ticks or any such things with it.  It responds much faster than the Marantz.

Spotify is iffy.  At best you can only play playlists.  It also hits a bug where 96% max volume is actually 100% and if you push it over that you start to clip.  Still working through issues there.

Looking to add a bluetooth receiver so I can play Spotify that way.  Not sure how that will sound.  If I still had an iphone I could setup airplay on Volumio and do it that way.